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Starting your own business

Setting up your own business or taking over an existing one is the dream of many people who have accumulated savings and want to take risks in order to carry out a business project they have been thinking about for a while.


Taking over an existing business and giving it a new personality is what many investors choose to do. This operation is much easier than opening a business from scratch, not only because it already starts from a base structured by others, to which targeted improvements can be made, but above all because the business start-up has already been done and many customers already know that particular business, and that company already has its own customer portfolio.


Therefore, by taking over a commercial activity, you are potentially able to invoice from the first day without having to wait for the customers  to form slowly, day after day.


However, when a business changes management it is necessary to deal with some issues. Our firm offers complete support for the sale and purchase of commercial activities, managing the bureaucracy inherent in such a real estate operation for you.


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