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Our real estate agency is able to search properties throughout all the Italian country. It will be a pleasure for us to meet you and listen to your every desire, make an in-depth list of your requests and then start looking for the property you want. We will make a selection of properties that reflect as much as possible what you are looking for and we will present them to you.


If the property you are looking for exists, we will find it for you!

About Property Finding


Property Finding is a real estate research service on the basis of a client's request with the aim of identifying the property that perfectly matches his needs.


After having ascertained the needs and preferences of the customer, we will proceed with a feasibility study in relation to the real estate market. In case of a successful result, the real research of the property begins, carrying out a preventive check of both legal and structural aspects. A targeted market analysis will then be carried out, also collaborating with other real estate agencies and private sellers in the desired area, the solutions for sale will be selected and the basic technical and legal aspects will be checked, in order to exclude unsuitable properties.


Once the ideal property is found, we will take care of all steps of the negotiation, developing a negotiation line, collaborating with the technicians chosen by the client.


What is the difference between a Real Estate Agent and a Property Finder?


A Property Finder has access to all properties on the market. You will have the opportunity to visit all the properties that are currently for sale in the area of ​​your interest, and not just those in our portfolio as usually happens with a traditional real estate agency.


A traditional real estate agent starts from the seller's needs, then it positionates the property on the market with the aim of finding the best buyer for that particular property. The Property Finder, on the contrary, positions itself completely on the buyer's side, starting from his needs with the aim of finding the tailored property for his client. He is a real consultant who protects, advises and above all safeguards the buyer's interests.


Why should you rely on us and how much does this service cost?


Our mission is to find the ideal property for you without making you waste your precious time in inconclusive negotiations, guaranteeing you the conclusion of a good deal.


The property search service has the cost of a normal real estate brokerage. You will pay a classic real estate brokerage commission to our agency without any other additional cost, which will be paid only if you'll decide to buy one of the properties that we have presented to you and only at the time of the conclusion of the deal.


We will assist you until the moment of the notarial deed, protecting your interests.







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