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We are first of all mediators, our job is to relate two parties, facilitating the agreement between them so that the deal is concluded in the best way.


Based on the experiences of our customers, we can state that the most successful negotiations and those in which both parties declare themselves most satisfied are those in which the seller and the buyer meet only at the moment of the deed. Negotiations between private individuals often fail because each of the parties cares only about their own interests, and this is why our customers choose to rely on us because they know that we can always find the most balanced solution for them.


If you have to sell your house to buy another one, and you are wondering which of the two operations would be better to do first, we can manage both the sale of your current home and the purchase of your new home, matching the two operations perfectly, listening to your needs and helping you to get the best results for you both from a contractual point of view and from an economic point of view.

We use to manage complex situations in the real estate field on a daily basis and we know that moving house is one of the most stressful moments in a person's life, and that is why we will take care of all the bureaucracy and manage the two operations for you without stress, while you will be able to think about what color you will paint the walls of your new home and where to place that new sofa that you like so much.


We help you choose the most convenient contract for you between the various types of contracts and we search for the right tenant, who meets the requirements and provides you with the appropriate guarantees for a secure and serene rental.


Our goal is to better protect the investments of our customers, aware of the fact that often these are the savings and sacrifices of a lifetime. We guarantee you that the commitment we put in managing a rental assignment is the same that we dedicate to a buying and selling practice.

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    HOW WE 
             DO IT


This first phase is a very delicate step which will have a decisive impact on the results you will obtain once your property is presented on the market. You may have come across properties that remained unsold for years, and others that have been sold faster. Our task is to advise you about the right market value of your property, in order to maximize your results both in terms of economics and timing.

If you want to rent your property, we'll give you a valuation of the rental price that you could request for your property both for the type of contract with free rental price and for the one with municipal agreed rental price.


The professional PHOTOS attract more visitors by increasing the chances of selling or renting. We know how important it is to make a good first impression. In a frenetic society like ours it is essential to be able to capture the attention of potential interested parties from the first moment because people looking for a property on the internet they first look at the photos and decide whether to call or not based on their first impression.


Our interior photographer will take care of highlighting the unique characteristics of your property by intervening on the property with a HOME STAGING specially designed to best set up and beautify the rooms and spaces, improving their lighting and enhancing their peculiarities. The home staging service lasts several hours depending on the size of the property.


The VIDEO shooting with the DRONE allow us to make potential interested parties better understand the architectural characteristics of a specific property and the context in which it is inserted, such as outdoor spaces.


The FLOOR PLANS in 2D and 3D allow us to make potential interested parties understand how to use the spaces of a specific property, attracting the attention of even less imaginative customers, suggesting them how to furnish it in the best possible way to live there.


We sell and rent faster than others because we invest more in your property. WE INVEST TIME dedicating the necessary attention to each property and offering a luxury service for each type of property. For us, there are no B-class properties and that's why we manage a few properties at a time.​ WE INVEST MONEY supporting the very high costs of advertising. We are present on the main real estate portals on-line. The Internet is certainly a very powerful tool that facilitates mediation by speeding up real estate transactions, but despite this, we sell a large percentage of properties thanks to other off-line tools, such as: direct contacts and acquaintances, national and international investors, collaborations with other real estate agents, signs, posters, flyers, promotional spaces, mass media and events such as OPEN HOUSE.

We know that every property is different and that you cannot think of advertising properties with different characteristics in the same way. ​ For this reason we develop a tailor-made marketing strategy in order to obtain the best result from the very first moments, taking into consideration specific factors: target customers, analysis of the competitors (other properties similar on the market), elements of differentiation (strengths and weaknesses) of each property.​


Before accompanying potential interested parties to visit your property, we hold introductory interviews with them. This phase is essential in order not to waste your time with those who do not have the economic requirements to obtain a loan, avoiding having to hold you pending for months waiting for a negative response from the bank or with those who are in needing to sell their home and who perhaps will succeed only after months or years, or with those who do not have the financial resources to be able to regularly pay you the rent you requested for the house you are renting out.

We carefully select your future buyer, giving preference to the people most willing to take into consideration your needs as a seller, giving you the right time to move, a suitable deposit to demonstrate their seriousness and the guarantee of being able to proceed with the notarial deed without the risk of already foreseeable complications and defaults.


In the same way we select your new tenants very carefully, to protect your investments made with many sacrifices.



We manage all phases relating to the sale from the moment of the purchase proposal up to the deed and beyond. If there are more interested buyers in signing a purchase proposal for your property, we will present them all to you and you will choose the best one for you. We take care of every legal, bureaucratic and technical aspect of each practice down to the smallest detail. We prepare the file with all the necessary documentation for the notary. 

In the same way we take care of all the bureaucracy inherent in the rental practices and we support our customers from the moment of the proposal to the registration of the contract.

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