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Real estate law is very complex and is always evolving. Over the years, the presence of a legal figure within the team of real estate brokerage agencies has become increasingly important. This is due both to the new types of contracts, which have been added to the traditional forms provided for by the civil code, and to the standards elevation of services that real estate brokerage company offer to their customers today.

With the approval of the European Law in 2018 which represented a real revolution for the Italian real estate sector, new opportunities were born for real estate brokers and it was given the possibility to those who carry out the mediation profession to provide new services, supplementary to their business, to the advantage of their customers who can benefit now of complete assistance thanks to this new law. Real estate agencies now became studios that can offer a complete portfolio of services in multiple disciplines.


Our firm actively collaborates with a competent legal office for any matter of real estate law.


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