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we collaborate 

                 because it works 


Collaboration means success

The collaboration between several real estate agencies can be occasional or long-term type, and is a way to speed up the meeting between supply and demand, or between those looking for a property and those who sell it. Both agencies will make their tools available (database, professionalism, working method) with the aim of achieving the same result.


But beware: this practice has nothing to do with the habit of some sellers to give verbal assignments to lots of agencies in the hope that in this way multiple agencies will work for the same property. In fact, in that case, no agency will work seriously for this type of seller, given the time and money to invest in exchange for no guarantee and seriousness of the verbal assignment.

Those who have worked in the real estate field for the longest time know that in these cases the agencies work in an uncoordinated way with each other, the seller decides different prices depending on the agency, on the internet there will be multiple advertisements of the same property containing different information (a fact that arouses suspicion and fear in those who are seriously looking for a property), and there is also the risk for the potential buyer of making a purchase proposal to an insignificant seller who does not respect the verbal agreements made with the agency.


Collaboration between agencies has many advantages for the seller as long as the sales task is entrusted exclusively to a single agency. In this way the reference agency for the seller will always be the one that received the assignment and it will have to comply with the conditions agreed therein. It will then be the agency that has received the assignment that will have to coordinate with the other real estate operators regarding announcement, price, appointments and negotiation techniques. All operators will carry out a synchronized work to complete the sale and manage it in the best possible way according to the interests of the parties.




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