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The fundamental figure of the real estate broker in a purchase and sale negotiation

The civil code, in article 1754, defines the mediator as "one who relates two or more parties for the conclusion of a deal, without being linked to any of them by relationships of collaboration, dependence or representation".

In the real estate field, with the provision of the figure of the mediator, the legislator intends to protect both parties for the conclusion of a deal concerning a property. The mediator is in fact an impartial figure who aims to put the parties in relation, facilitating the agreement between them, so that the deal is concluded.

Contrary to what happens in a negotiation between private parties, where each party aims only to protect its own interests, the negotiation in which there is a mediator is protective for both contracting parties.

The portal of the Revenue Agency confirms that in Italy more and more people decide to turn to professionals for the management of their real estate assets both thanks to the protections and guarantees they can benefit from and thanks to the considerable savings in time and money. It is always advisable to entrust the management of the complicated bureaucracy regarding the sale, lease and rental to an efficient and up-to-date professional because in this way you avoid bureaucratic, fiscal and technical errors that can have a huge negative impact on your savings.

Our studio is prepared to manage the most complex situations in the real estate field thanks to the expertise of our real estate consultants. Our goal is to protect the economic resources of our customers in the best possible way, being aware of the fact that for some it is the savings and sacrifices of a lifetime.

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