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Advertising is everything

We sell before the others because we invest more in your property:

1. We invest time

We pay special attention to each property that we have in our portfolio. In particular, we are aware of the fact that the first weeks of advertising are decisive for the property. This is why it is important to give our best from the very first moment to achieve the desired goal.


2. We invest money

Advertising can be very expensive for a private seller. Our studio takes full responsibility for the cost of advertising, to the benefit of our customers.


Types of advertising:


- online advertising

In a modern society it is important to be present on the main online real estate portals. The Internet is a very powerful tool that facilitates mediation by speeding up sales.


- off-line advertising

However, a good percentage of properties are sold through other tools: contacts and direct acquaintances of the agency, national and international investors, collaborations with other brokers and colleagues, but also signs, posters, flyers, events, promotional spaces, mass media.



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