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The legal protection of the landlord and the tenant

The Italian legislation on leases provides for the intervention of the mediator to ensure that the contract does not infringe the rights of the parties and that none of the contractors has economic losses deriving from incorrect behavior of the counterparty. The mediator is useful to avoid the misunderstanding of the clauses, the rip-offs due to the bad faith of one of the parties, and to carry out the bureaucratic formalities. Contracts between private individuals in the field of leases often causes imbalances of the protections that both the lessor and the lessee should enjoy.

For an owner, contacting a real estate professional is absolutely indicated, as there are greater guarantees of being protected from any potential defaulting tenants or damage to the property. It is no coincidence that the majority of owners decide to rely on a specialist for the management of their real estate assets. The agency takes care of the bureaucratic obligations instead of the lessor, carries out the necessary checks and manages the entire contractual part. Some requirements are mandatory and the deeds must be drawn up correctly and precisely. For a private individual, incorrectly or late in submitting the forms to the Revenue Agency can cause very high penalties, so it is advisable to entrust the practice to a specialist.

For the tenant, contacting a mediator means having fundamental support with regard to the entire contractual part relating to the lease and the control of the conditions in which the property is actually located for which a monthly fee will be paid. Pursuant to art. 1575 of the civil code, the lessor must deliver the rented property to the tenant in a good state of maintenance, keep it in conditions so that it serves the agreed use and guarantee its peaceful enjoyment during the lease. Cases of tenants who, following a negotiation between private individuals, discover that the property has problems with mold, leaks from pipes or electrical systems that are not up to standard, are not rare. Furthermore, contracts between private individuals are often deprived of the legal protections that the legislation offers to tenants, with a significant imbalance in favor of the owner.

Our firm uses forms with all customers formulated according to the principles of transparency, professionalism and fairness, which guarantee the protection of both the lessor and the tenant.


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