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Who is the credit broker and what does he do

Credit advice and mortgage issuance The credit broker is an impartial professional who carries out his profession in full autonomy from the banks. Its task is to recommend the best financial solutions by studying and developing a proposal tailored to the customer's needs, following the client's requests as much as possible.

The credit broker chooses among the various banking products available on the market by referring to the specific economic conditions of the customer and the guarantees offered by the client, helping him to obtain the loan.

By contacting us, the customers can find out about their economic capabilities and determine the maximum amount that they can obtain for the release of the loan for the purchase, renovation or completion of a construction.

Our company collaborates with a credit brokerage office that manages mortgage issuance practices trying to obtain the best conditions on the market for our customers. Together we accompany our customers in the loan application process with the utmost transparency and professionalism.

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