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The most important phases of the buying and selling process

Entrusting the sale of a property to a real estate broker means entrusting him with the management of the property from the moment of the sale until the notarial deed. The agency manages all the phases related to the sale and in particular manages the most delicate phase of the whole process, that is the negotiation.


The negotiation phase must be managed by experienced mediators, given the multiplicity of factors involved: bureaucratic, technical, financial and even psychological aspects.


The negotiation in which a mediator is present is protective for both contracting parties, being the figure of the mediator a guarantee in this sense, given the obligation of impartiality imposed by law. The real estate broker not only acts as an intermediary but therefore equally protects the interests of both parties from a legal and a commercial point of view, facilitating the agreement between them.


Our firm cares about the serenity of its customers: we take care of all the practices related to the sale from the negotiation to the preliminary contract, including the preparation of all the documents for the deed phase.

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